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Kunci Jawaban Cisco IT Essentials chapter 8

Chapter 08 – IT Essentials

01. Which device enables computers to be attached to a network without segmenting the network?
  • Bridge;
  • Hub;
  • Router;
  • Switch.
02. Which two statements are true of network computing in contrast to non-network computing?
  • File duplication is more likely;
  • Fewer peripherals are needed;
  • Resource conservation is decreased;
  • Application licensing costs are higher;
  • Centralized administration capabilities are enchanged.
03. Which networking protocol translates a network name such as to a unique IP address?
  • APIPA;
  • ARP;
  • DHCP;
  • DNS;
  • Proxy ARP
04. The Internet is an example of which type of network?
  • LAN;
  • SAN;
  • WAN;
  • WLAN
05. Which suite of protocols is used to transmit data across the Internet?
  • Appletalk;
  • ARP;
  • DNS;
  • IPX/SPX;
  • TCP/IP.
06. Which method is recomended in order to avoid problems with counterfeit network equipment?
  • Buy extra parts in case one fails;
  • Only install equipment that comes with a user manual;
  • Purchase equipment only through manufacturer-authorized partners;
  • Use items of uncertain authenticity only in non-mission critical applications.
07.  Which Windows XP command displays the route taken by packets crossing an IP network?
  • Iproute;
  • Netview;
  • Nllokup;
  • Ping;
  • Tracert.
08. What is the maximum range a data signal can travel through a 1000BASE-T network segment?
  • 3280 ft(1000m);
  • 1640 ft(500m);
  • 984 ft(300m);
  • 607 ft(185m);
  • 328 ft(100m).
09.  A student is helping a friend with a home computer that can no longer acces the internet. Upon investigation, the student discovers that the computer has been assigned the IP address What could cause a computer to get such an IP address?
  • A bad network cable;
  • Interference from surrounding devices;
  • Reduced computer power supply output;
  • Static IP addresing with incomplete information.
10. What is true about the TIA/EIA?
  • It develops and maintains the 802 standards LANs;
  • It establishes consensus processes among qualified groups;
  • It defined the Open System Interconnection networking model;
  • It developed standards to replace proprietary standards after US thelephone industry deregulation.
11.  A student brings a laptop to a school that has wireless access. The laptop is not connecting to the school network. What is the first thing that the student should check?
  • The laptop battery level;
  • The IP address that is assigned to the laptop;
  • The power level of the wireless networks within range;
  • The distance from the school-owned wireless device;
  • The available wireless networks within range.
12. Workers are required to access the company LAN when traveling. Wich networking technology can provide secure and encrypted access to the LAN?
  • ADSL;
  • ISDN;
  • VPN;
  • WAN.
13. Which two characteristics describe Ethernet technology? (Choose two)
  • Supported by IEEE 802.3 standards;
  • Supported by IEEE 802.5 standards;
  • Typically uses an average of 16Mb/s for data transfer rates;
  • Uses a bus logical topology;
  • Uses a ring topology.
14. What is most commonly used DSL technology?
  • ADSL;
  • HDSL;
  • IDSL;
  • SDSL;
  • VDSL.
 15. Why should network cables always be labeled?
  • To prevent cable wear;
  • To improve appearance;
  • To reduce network clutter;
  • To save trobleshooting time.
16. Which procedure is normally performed when connecting a computer to an Ethernet network for the first time?
  • Manually assign an IP address;
  • Configure the NIC for a MAC address;
  • Atach a cable that has an RJ-45 connector;
  • Configure the NIC for a specific network protocol.
17.  Which three factors are reasons to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-peer? (Choose three)
  • The network is small with less than eight users;
  • The company network requires secure access to confidential information;
  • The users need a central database to store inventory and sales information;
  • Each user understands how to safety share files across a network;
  • The data gathered by the emplyess is critical and should be backed up on a regular basis;
  • All employees passed a strict background check as part of the corporate hiring practices.
18. Which dotted decimal number is used to distinquish the network portion on IP address from the host portion?
  • Default gateway;
  • MAC address;
  • Physical address;
  • Subnet mask.
19.  A technician instal is a new NIC in a PC and connects an Ethernet patch cord from the NIC to a wall jack. The technician then notes that the link lights are not active on the NIC. Which two problems could be indicated by this lack of activity? (Choose two)
  • Faulty NIC;
  • Bad IP address;
  • Faulty patch cord;
  • Unavailable DHCP server;
  • Incorrect protocol configuration.
20. Which two factors are used to determine the different categories of UTP cabling? (Choose two)
  • The distance a signal can travel through the cable;
  • The number of twists in the wires inside the cable;
  • The number of wires inside the cable;
  • The type of shielding used inside the cable;
  • The type of connectors required to terminate the cable.

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