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Kunci Jawaban Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – IT Essentials
01. Which two advanteges are attributed to a hardware firewall when compared to a software firewall?(chose two)
  • It costs less because it is more efficient;
  • It does not impact the processing performance of the equipment it protects;
  • It always protects both the computer it is installed on as well as the rest of the network;
  • It is designed to protect more than one computer;
  • It is a free windows operating system component.
02. Why would security application software be implemented on a network?
  • To protect the operating system;
  • To limit physical acces to a network;
  • To define acceptable computer usage within an organization;
  • To identify appropriate hardware firewalls that are used to filter incoming data.
03. Which important feature is offered by the USB standard?
  • A single USB connection to a computer can support up to 255 separate devices;
  • It offers rates of around 580Mb/sec in low-speed mode;
  • It allows up to 920Mb/sec in the 2.0 version;
  • It can supply power from the computer to devices.
04. Which two hashing algorithms are used to ensure that messages are unaltered during transmission? (choose two)
  • ARP
  • DLC
  • MD5
  • NTP
  • SHA
  • TCP
05. What are two interrelated aspects that would be involved in the physical security of an organization? (Choose two)
  • Infrastructure;
  • Network access;
  • Operating system version;
  • Type of backup and restore utility that is used;
  • Type of Layer2 devices that are used within the network.
 06. After a technician collects information from the computer, which two sources can provide the technician with possible solutions for various types of network-related problems? (choose two)
  • Paperwork that is provided to customers;
  • The manufacturer FAQ for network devices;
  • Firewall logs;
  • Network device logs;
  • Technical websites.
07. Which data security technology takes form of an object which must be close to a computer before the user can successfully submit a username and password?
  • Biometris device;
  • Security key fob;
  • Smart card;
  • Thumb drive.
08. Which physical security technology uses an embedded integrated circuit chip to store data safely and is commonly used in secure ID badges?
  • Smart card;
  • Security key fob;
  • Storage area network;
  • Biometric device.
09. What are two features of Windows Vista Backup? (choose two)
  • The backup files have the extension .zip;
  • The source and target drive volumes must be NTFS;
  • The maximum size of a single backed up file is 450MB;
  • The backup files can be saved to another connected computer or server;
  • The backup files have an extension of .bkt and a maximum uncompressed file size of 200MB.
10. Why should the default username and password be changed as soon as an access point is powered on an accessed?
  • The change provides a minimum level of security to the access point;
  • The change reduces the chance of the wireless network being detected;
  • It decreases the chance of interference from a nearby wireless device;
  • It secures the wireless network by requiring all devices that access the wireless network to provide the new username and password.
11. A customer has a web server for a small business. The business uses both wired and wireless networking. A Liksys WRT300N wireless router provides wireless and wired connectivity. What firewall option may be enabled in order for customers to gain access to the web server from their remote locations?
  • WEP
  • WPA2
  • Port triggering;
  • Port forwarding;
  • MAC address fitering.
12. What is a feature of the firewall capability when Windows Vista is the operating system?
  • The firewall is disabled by default;
  • The firewall can be modified using the Network control panel;
  • The firewall can be managed manually by permiting or allowing specific ports;
  • The firewall blocks Windows Vista and Internet Explorer updates by default.
13. A user reports that the antivirus software on a computer is always turned off when the computer is restarded, despite being reactivated each time the computer starts up. Futher investigation by the technician shows that the Internet browser also display an incorrect homepage?
  • The Internet browser needs updating;
  • The computer has been infected with spyware;
  • The automatic software firewall settings have been disabled;
  • The automatic scan feature of the antivirus software has been disabled.
14. What can a homeowner who has a wireless router do to hide the wireless router signal from the surrounding neighbors?
  • Enable WEB filtering;
  • Disable WAP monitoring;
  • Disable SSID broadcast;
  • Disable MAC filtering.
15. A network administrator is trying to change the account name of a user but cannot make the changes. What could be a possible cause?
  • The user is logged in to the account;
  • The account has been disabled;
  • The administrator does not have the correct permissions to take the change;
  • The user has violated a security policy, and the result is that the account has been deleted.
 16. After logging into a computer, a user is unable to access the CIW folder. Access to this folder is necessary to complete an assignment. Which two actions can the administrator take to provide the user access to the folder? (choose two)
  • Give the person rights to the CIW folder;
  • Allow the user to authenticate into a guest account;
  • Add the user to a group that has the rights to the CIW folder;
  • Permit the user to add the folder to the TEMP folder in Users and Computers;
  • Enable UAC on the computer so that the user can change the rights to the CW folder.
17. Which issue should be addressed in the detailed information that is provided by a security policy?
  • The placement of all software firewalls;
  • The types of intrusions that are covered by the policy;
  • A schedule that lists timing of operating system updates;
  • The priority of services to be restored after an emergency is over.
18. Which two factors should management consider when developing a security policy? (choose two)
  • A backup schedule;
  • Expense of the security protection;
  • The costs that are associated with data loss;
  • The types of computers that populate the LAN;
  • The operating systems that are used by the host computers.
19. Which Windows XP command initiates a backup from the command line?
  • Archive;
  • Backup;
  • Compress;
  • Ntbackup;
  • Zip
20. Windows XP should be updated on a regular basis. In wich situation should automatic updates be disabled?
  • Computers on a corporate network perform well whithout automatic updates because they are protected by a firewall;
  • Home users should avoid automatic updates because they are protected by Windows Internet Connection Firewall;
  • Users accesing the network using a dial-up connection need to control when the updates are downloaded and installed;
  • Guest user accounts with limited access are unlikely to ever need updates because they are temporary users.

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