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Kunci Jwaban Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – IT Essentials

01. A technician begins gathering data from a customer by asking open-ended question. Which question is a proper open-ended question?
  • Were any updates performed?
  • Has anyoane installed new software in the past two days?
  • Are you the only user to use the PC recently?
  • What happens when the PC is powered on?
02. What is the recommended procedure for cleaning a computer fan assembly?
  • Remove the fan-assembly and wash it in warm soapy water;
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the fan blades;
  • Hold the fan blades in place and clean them with compressed air;
  • Blow compressed air the fan so that its high rate of spin will throw off all dust and debris.
03. A technician needs to retrieve a DVD from an optical drive that is jammed and fails to open. What is the best method the technician could use to retrieve the DVD?
  • Disconnect the data cables from the optical drive when the power is on and press the eject button;
  • Insert a pin in the small hole next to the eject button;
  • Remove the drive and then disassemble the drive;
  • Remove the power source and then hold the eject button while reconnecting the power source.
04. A technician has determined that a computer is failing to boot because of a power supply that is not supplying power to the hard drives. What is the correct course of action?
  • The technician should attempt to repair the power supply . If the attempt is unsuccessful, the power supply should be thrown in the trash and replaced;
  • The tecnician should attempt to repair the power supply. If the technician is unsuccessful, the power supply should be replaced with a power supply of equal or grater waltage;
  • No attempt should be made to repair the power supply. The power supply should be replaced with a power supply or equal or greater waltage;
  • Power supplies should always be replaced with components of equal or less waltage to avoid damage to the system from excess power to internal components.
05. While performing routine maintenance, a user notices that the desk area around the computer is cluttered and dusty. After cleaning the desk area, what action should the user take to clean the computer?
  • Vacuum all dust and debris from the computer;
  • Remove all dust and debris from the computer using a can of compressed air;
  • Clean the internal components of the computer using a non*abrasive spray cleaner and an anti-static sponge;
  • Clean the inside of the computer using a lint-free cloth and a pencil to dilodge stuck or embedded debris.
06. What manufacturing process makes a multicore processor operate faster than single-core processor on the same matherboard?
  • The multicore processors are designed to take advantage of more memory on the motherboard;
  • The multicore processors are designed with lower Level 2 caches on the chip, and they make better use of the cache on the motherboard;
  • The multicore processors are designed with multiple processors integrated into the same circuit;
  • The multicore processors are deigned to have better acces to RAM on the motherboard.
07. When a technician is servicing a laser printer, wich two dangers need to be avoided? (Choose two)
  • Mercury poisoning;
  • Electrical shock;
  • Chromium ingestion;
  • Burns;
  • Lead poisoning.
08. You are monitoring a new technician installing a device driver on a Windows-based PC. The technician asks why the company requires the use of signed drivers. What would be the best response to give?
  • Signed drivers prevent physical damage to devices;An unsigned driver can cause files to be fragmented as they are processed;
  • A signed driver has passed Microsoft’s quality lab test and prevents a system from being compromised;
  • All companies making devices for a Windows computer have Microsoft sign off the new driver before it can added to the operating system;
  • A signed driver has been approved by the comopany that created the device driver.
09. A technician is concerned that a computer is overheating. The computer reboots without warning.What can the technician do to improve the circulation of air through the computer?
  • Add a heat sink to the CPU;
  • Add one or more case fans;
  • Replace the case with one that has front air vents;
  • Install the CPU into a thermal cooling unit overnight.
10. When a computer boots, the hard disk is not recognized. What are two possible causes of the problem ? (Choose two)
  • The two disk drives are connected to the same IDE cable;
  • The power cable is not attached properly to the drive;
  • The IDE drive is jumpered as the master, and the CD drive connected to the same cable is jumpered as the slave;
  • The data cable is loose or diconnected;
  • The floppy disk cable is connected to the hard drive.
11. Which method of disk writing does RAID 5 use?
  • Duplexing;
  • Mirroring;
  • Parity;
  • Striping.
12. Which two ports are used to connect external media readers to a computer? (Choose two)
  • FireWire;
  • PATA;
  • RAID;
  • RS 232;
  • USB.
13. Which type of hard drive cable connects drives in a daisy chain series and requires manual termination at each end of the daisy chain to prevent data corruption?
  • PATA;
  • SATA;
  • SCSI;
  • USB.
14. How should a floppy disk drive be cleaned?
  • Apply a vacuum cleaner to the disk slot?
  • Use a drive cleaning kit;
  • Spray an isopropyl alcohol based cleaner into the hole provided in the drive;
  • Remove heads and clean with a mild detergent.
15. Why should you use an antistatic mat when working on the internal components of a computer?
  • Protect the tecnician aginst electrical shock;
  • Reduce the chance of computer components being damaged by ESD;
  • Prevent the technician’s tools from being damaged by ESD.
16. What is the recommended way to clean an optical drive ?
  • Use compressed air and lint free cotton swabs;
  • Use cotton swabs and denatured alcohol;
  • Use a vacuum cleaner;
  • Use glass cleaner and a lint free cloth.
17. Under which circumstance would the use of an antistatic wrist strap be discouraged?
  • When working in a dry enviroment;
  • When removing memory from a laptop;
  • When working with high voltage circuits;
  • When replacing a video card on a desktop computer.
18. Why should a technician avoid using magnetized tools when repairing a computer?
  • They can generate ESD that can affect the CPU;
  • They can cause polarity changes on the motherboard;
  • They store ESD and discharge on contact with computer components.
  • They can induce current which can damage internal computer components.
19. What is a critical step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer?
  • Set the swap file size on the new drive;
  • Set the drive ID number with the correct jumper;
  • Configure the BIOS settings to auto-detect the master drive;
  • Ensure that pin one of the PATA data cable is correctly aligned with the connector;
20. A customer is interested in video editing and has purchased a FireWire hard drive for storage of videos. However, no FireWire ports are available on the motherboard. What type adapter will the customer be interested in obtaining?
  • DSP ;
  • eSATA;
  • GPU;
  • I/O;
  • SCSI

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