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Kunci Jawaban Cisco IT Essentials Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – IT Essentials – 95.1%
01. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of connection is being established between the PDA and the infrared keyboard?
  • Visible;
  • Line-of-sight;
  • Reflective;
  • Close proximity.
02. Which attribute of a solid state drive would be an advantage when being used in a laptop?
  • Solid state drives have solid spinning disks that are more durable;
  • Solid state drives reduce power usage;
  • Solid state drives have a higher storage capacity than a regular drive;
  • Solid state drives are more reliable because an optical lens is used to read the disk.
03. Some keys on a laptop work intermittently. They sometimes types the letter and sometimes do not. What should a technician do for fix this problem?
  • • Clean the keyboard;
  • • Replace the keyboard;
  • • Adjust the keystroke rate throgh the control panel;
  • • Adjust the affected keys through the Windows Key Test and Adjust tool.
04. Which two types of batterries should be comletely discharged and then fully recharded to remove the charge memory? (Choose two)
  • Li-ion;
  • Ni-Cad;
  • Ni-Ch;
  • Ni-Hid;
  • NiMH;
  • NiMO.
05. Which maintenance task can be performed to speed up tile access on a laptop?
  • Disk wiping;
  • Disk cleanup;
  • Disk compression;
  • Disk defragmentation.
06. Which three standard procedures must always be included in a preventive maintenance schedule? (Choose three)
  • Physical cleaning;
  • Memory updates;
  • Personnel training;
  • Hard drive maitenance;
  • Software updates;
  • Security policies checking.
07. A technician is trying to repair a laptop where the images on the display can only be seen when looking at the screen from an angle. What needs to be done to fix the problem?
  • Update the GPU driver;
  • Repair the LCD inverter;
  • Increase the video RAM;
  • Replace the LCD backlight.
08. Why should care be taken when charging and handling a laptop battery?
  • It contains toxic material that can leak if mishandled;
  • A laptop battery is delicate and breaks easily;
  • Laptop batteries can explode if mishandled or improperly charged;
  • It is aginst the law to mishandle a laptop battery.
09. A customer is unable to use a laptop on battery power for more than 30 min. What would a technician suggest to this customer?
  • Flash the BIOS;
  • Replace the power supply;
  • Replace the laptop battery;
  • Replace the laptop motherboard;
  • Replace the motherboard battery.
10. Which Windows Vista tool is accurately described?
  • Disk Cleanup cleans the hard drive by placing files in adjacent clusters;
  • Disk Defragmenter is meant to be used when a computer has files that are modified, added or deleted often;
  • Disk Cleanup performs tasks such as emptying the recycle bin, checking for missing applications, and verifying hard drive cluster integrity;
  • Disk Defragmenter provides a list of files that are most fragmented, as estimated time to repair, and checkboxes to enable or disable defragmentation.
11. Which IEEE specification defines the FireWire standard?
  • 1284;
  • 1294;
  • 1384;
  • 1394.
12. A laptop that previously worked now fails to boot. The cursor fails to appear on the screen. When a bootable DVD is inserted the system still fails to boot even thogh it is set to boot from CD/DVD. The fan turns, so power is applied and the power light is on. The technician install the hard drive in another laptop and it works there. What is the probable cause of the problem?
  • The processor has failed;
  • The hard drive is bad;
  • The LCD panel has failed;
  • The CD/DVD drive has failed.
13. Which laptop component is typically considered a CRU?
  • Motherboard;
  • LCD display;
  • Keyboard;
  • RAM.
14. Which two sources can be used to determine the aount of currently installed RAM on a computer? (Choose two)
  • Add/Remove Hardware utility;
  • Administrative Tools utility;
  • POST screen;
  • System Properties dialog box;
  • Windows BIOS wizard.
15. What are two steps a technician should take before repairing a laptop? (Coose two)
  • Ground to the power supply before opening the laptop cover;
  • Backup all data stored on the laptop;
  • Check the warranty to see if repairs must be done by an authorized service center;
  • Place a piece of tape over the CD laser so it doesn’t damage someone’s eyes when the laptop case is openedl;
  • Disconnect the battery to insure it is not problem;Attach the AC adapter in case the problem is a defective battery.
16. A laptop fails to start after a new hard drive has been installed. What are two possible causes of this problem? (Choose two)
  • The laptop has insuficient RAM;
  • The hard drive was not hot swappable;
  • The virtual memory setting are incorrect;
  • The hard drive was not connected properly;
  • The BIOS does not recognize the new hard drive.
 17. Which acronym describes a laptop part that can be replaced by a customer?
  • CPU;
  • CRU;
  • FRU;
  • LCD;
  • PDA.
18. Which statement is true about version control of files that are transferred between a Windows laptop and a Windows desktop PC?
  • Windows does not allow files with the same name to exist in the same folder;
  • In order to make a copy of a file on the laptop, you select the file and choose Cut;
  • If the files have the same name, but one is newer than the other, the new file will automatically overwrite the older file;
  • If the files are exactly the same and have the same modification dates, Windows will not promt you about replacing the file.
19. Which type of encryption key should be enabled on WPA compliant devices?
  • 28 bit;
  • 32 bit;
  • 64 bit;
  • 128 bit;
  • 255 bit.
20. Which IEEE specification defines WPAN technology?
  • 802.3.1;
  • 802.5.1;
  • 802.7.5;
  • 802.11.1;
  • 802.13.5;
  • 802.15.1.

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